Terms and Conditions

Responsibility for loss or damage, insurance and deductible:

  • for all damages in the vehicle, no matter who is guilty and how big the damage is, renter has to ask the police report, calling RENTAL and giving detailed written report
  • the renter is responsible for any kind of damage up to the amount of 700 EUR for groups A, B, C, 900 EUR for groups D, E, F, 1100 EUR for groups G, H, and 1500 EUR for group I, if the renter is guilty and damage is reported to the police the renter is responsible for any kind of damage in the total amount if: the damage is not responsible to the police, the damage is caused by rude negligence, by driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other substance impairing driver's ability, in case of damaing which are not covered by insurance (lost keys, lost vehicle documents, burnt clutch, damage to tires, damage or loss of wheel rim or covers, damage to under part of the vehicle like vehicle's chassis or crankcase/karter, damage due lack of oil, damage of using wrong kind of fuel, damage to vehicle interior)

The renter or any other person is not authorised to arrange any service inspections, repairs, part exchange or similar permission by us.

Thank you for your confidence!

Reservation-summer prices valid for period 15APR2020-15SEP2020

Reservations are usually confirmed for a car group and not for a specific model.

Driver's age minimum is 21 years old. Valid driving licence must be in the driver's possesion for at least 2 years.

Minimal rental charge is one day, counting as 24 hours from start of rental. For each extension of the rental period the agreement of Rental doo has to be obtained 24 hours in advance. If daily rate is exceeded by more than 3 hours additional days will be charged.

The vehicle may be operated only by the renter or by such a person authorized in writing on this rental agreement, provided that such a person meets all neccessary qualifications and documents.

Conditions of use :

  • Renter is excepted to use the vehicle in a responsible manner overall and in particular not use or allow the vehicle to be used:
  • for paid transportation of freight or passengers or for subrenting
  • to tow or push any vehicle trailer or other objects
  • in motor sport events or any kind of competition, off road, unasphalted road or on unsuitable roads
  • while renter or any driver of the vehicle is over tired, under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other substance impairing one's consciousness or driver's ability to drive
  • outside the country of rental unless otherwise pre-authorised by our permission